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Looking to start your journey into culinary but don’t want to jump right in, and would rather start with a solid foundation… How about registering for our Assistant Chef programme? It needs no prior experience and is just enough knowledge to make you an asset in any kitchen. Choose between a full-time (2.5 months) or part-time (7.5 months) programme that will have you ready for the industry.

The basic build of any kitchen team consists of a Head Chef, Sous Chef and a Chef de Partie (Section Chef) – these positions expand or trim into smaller teams of specialisation. Butcher, Fry, Pastry, Grill, Roast, Fish, Pantry, Sauté, and Vegetable. This is the standard kitchen hierarchy for efficiency and growth paths; not all teams will be this big but they’ll follow this structure and suit it to their needs. Most modern professional kitchens operate according to this positional kitchen hierarchy called the Brigade de Cuisine. Widely accepted all over the world as the standard, this French system was adopted to ensure kitchen operations run smoothly.

Our Assistant Chef Programme will get you amongst the best in the kitchen by teaching you what you need to know. You’ll be the support the kitchen needs with the skills this programme develops and teaches you. All the processes and correct management of food the industry desires irrespective of which kitchen you find yourself in. Preparation, storage, safety, production, special diets, food & beverage and more, for establishments ranging from small to large in scale.

As an Assistant Chef, you’ll be ready for whatever the culinary industry throws at you, the International Hotel School will teach you everything you need to be confident and job-ready. Our world-class facilities, international recognition and optional Work Integrated Learning (WIL) make our students the best when they go into their careers.

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