Assistant Chef Programme

R20 000

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Part-Time Learning


Be the support the kitchen needs with this skills programme developed to teach you all about the processes and management of food in the industry. Preparation, special diets, food & beverage and more, for establishments ranging from small to large in scale.

What will I learn?

  • Maintain effective working relationships with other members of staff
  • Maintain health, hygiene and professional appearance
  • Maintain hygiene in food preparation, cooking and storage
  • Handle and maintain knives
  • Prepare and cook basic fruit dishes
  • Prepare vegetables for hot and cold dishes
  • Handle and Maintain Utensils and Equipment
  • Handle, store, prepare and cook basic fish dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic meat, poultry, game or offal dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic sauces and soups
  • Prepare and cook basic pulse dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic rice dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic dough products
  • Prepare and cook basic pastry dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic egg dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic pasta dishes
  • Prepare and present food for cold presentation
  • Prepare and cook basic vegetable protein dishes
  • Clean food production areas, equipment and utensils
  • Maintain food production operations
  • Maintain a cleaning programme for kitchen areas and equipment
  • Maintain and promote food hygiene in the kitchen
  • Maintain a safe working environment 

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Area of Focus

Course Details

Admission Requirements

Gr 10 pass or equivalent, and 18 Years of age.


International Hotel School Certificate of Achievement. Skills Programme (NQF Level 2: HSP/AssChf/2/0022)


6 months

Type of Study

Part Time

Start Date



R20 000 (Excludes study pack)

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