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You’ll have interviews in your career, and especially when trying to find a career in hospitality.

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Let’s say you have the qualification now, proven skills, passion and talent, but now we need to secure a job. What can you do in an interview to show you’re the best candidate for the job?


There are 4 types of interviews – Telephonic, Video Call and Property (on the premise) and Stay Over interviews.

  • Telephonic – usually done prior to a Property interview. Find a quiet location (at home, café or somewhere quiet etc.) with a good network. During the interview mind, your tone of voice as this is the only indicator the interviewer has to judge from to deduce your personality.
  • Video Call – these interviews are similar to Telephonic, but it’s important to prepare and test your method of video. Beware of data usage, network problems to avoid abrupt interruptions.
  • Property – the dress code always has to be professional, preferably including colours like black, white and navy. Carry a copy of your CV, arrive 15 minutes early to find the venue if you are unfamiliar with the area, and if you can’t make it contact the interviewer to re-schedule.
  • Stay Over – your interview starts the second you walk through the doors. Should you be asked to arrive on a Thursday morning however your interview is only at midday on Friday, chances are that you will unknowingly be assessed to see if you will be a good fit for the team. Remember you aren’t a guest, the staff will be your colleagues – be gracious. If you are asked to shadow a member of staff, always offer to assist and be proactive about assisting, taking initiative will always be a positive trait as an employee.

Once you are in the interview show off your stuff and excel, because IHS offers unrivalled practical work experience there’s nothing they can throw at you that you haven’t seen. Good Luck!

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