Work in a hotel with IHS Traineeships

Based on well-established apprenticeship principles, a Traineeship is an alternative to full time tertiary education. Comprising practical training undertaken in the workplace and theoretical study by way of distance learning through IHS Online, tutorials and ancillary courses, Traineeships have proven themselves (to trainees and employers) in the quality of graduates produced and the number of successful careers launched. Trainees receive an excellent education. Subjects are relevant and the textbooks are written by subject matter specialists. They are constantly updated. Plus they receive an excellent grounding in technical and practical skills actually working in hotels whilst they study.

Trainees spend the duration of their studies training in a work environment receiving on the job training and continuous assessment against a nationally recognised standard. During the duration of their placement at a property, Trainees are subject to the same terms and conditions as full time employees.

This programme is aimed at 18 - 23 year olds, and we will accept applicants up to 26 years of age. The academic component is run on a self-study basis. Traineeship students study through  IHS Online with Academic and lecturer support is available throughout the year. Trainees will also be assessed by IHS Assessors who will conduct these in the workplace.  Trainees will be required to have access to a computer and an internet link. There are a number of traineeship programmes available:

Two Year Traineeship Programmes: