Spring into 2019 with a New Year’s Eve Themed party!

With the festive season quickly approaching there are some of us, who’ve started Christmas shopping a little earlier this year in order to avoid the manic rush that attacks all shopping malls once the schools have closed. By now you may have an idea of how you will be spending the 25th of December with your family and friends, the delicious Christmas foods that will be served, the stylish décor and yummy desserts that your families will indulge in.

However, as an educational institution that offers students the opportunity to enrol in a programme, such as the Higher Certificate in Events Management, we like to teach our students to think and plan ahead. Because one day plan they will have the opportunity to coordinate large conferences, grand weddings and themed functions. New Year’s Eve might be weeks away, but to make it the best night of the year, organizers need to plan smart and plan ahead. One of the best ways to welcome the New Year is by throwing a New Year’s Eve party! What better way to say “Happy New Year” than in a funky Lumo outfit or in cowboy boots and country music….yihaa!

Below are four ideas of themed parties that you could host on New Year’s Eve:







  1. Great Gatsby

This particular theme was inspired by the Great Gatsby novel written by American Author, F. Scott Fitzgerald and movie that hit cinemas in 2012. Jay Gatsby was primarily known for the lavish parties that he threw.  If you are looking to recreate the 1920’s then look at using black and gold décor as well as stringed lights. Dress up tables with tiered serving trays, champagne flutes, pearls in glass candle votives and vases full of white feathers.

  1. Lumo Party

If you’re looking to throw the perfect lumo party, then you can encourage your guests to wear fluorescent clothing and glow-in-the dark accessories. The party area with most of the glowing decorations should be as close to pitch-black as possible. If you’re feeling stuck and in need of some décor inspiration, try watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdJ0z0ppH9A. They have some great tips!

  1. Hollywood, roll out the red carpet!

Who wouldn’t love to go to a Hollywood themed New Year’s Eve party? Roll out the red carpet and set the scene for your guests. This is quite a popular theme because guests can dress up as their favourite actors, actresses and musicians. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as the King of Pop and do the moonwalk down the red carpet?







  1. Masquerade

Usher in the New Year in style! Your guests will need to dress formal and wear a fancy mask for the evening. The fun part about these parties is that guests can purchase their own masks and then decorate them at home before the party. Some people like to keep things simple with a nice black and white mask others like to take it up a notch and dress it up with some feathers, sequence, ribbon and flowers.

Once you’ve decided on a theme it’s time to draft your personalized invitations and get all of your party particulars in place. It’s about time to get all excited for your big New Year’s Eve bash!

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