Who is a Spa and Recreation Director?

The hospitality industry is one of the most exciting places to consider for your career path as there is so much choice and variety in job opportunities.

We’ve been exploring some of these job descriptions to give you a better insight into what goes on in the business of hospitality. Before moving on to looking at the Spa and Recreation Director, have a look at the organisational structure of a hotel to see who works where in the system.

What does a Spa and Recreation Director do?

A Spa and Recreation Director is responsible for running the spa facilities and for providing guests with entertainment and leisure facilities and services.

The spa and resources department of a hotel or is a viable and a generous revenue-producing outlet as it can be where guests spend the most amount of time during the day. Most guests that use the spa are normally in the facility between 2 and 6 hours each day, and it’s the Spa and Recreation Director’s job to make those are pleasurable and well-spent hours.

Spa and Recreation Director Responsibilities:

  • Provide excellent customer service and to supervise spa and recreation employees.
  • May also be responsible for creating advertising and other promotions for the spa and related leisure activities, as well as maintaining public relations.
  • Employee hiring and termination, as well as other HR policy requirements, like training.
  • Co-ordinating leisure activity schedules and information packs for guests.
  • Inventory and procurement of leisure spa products, treatments and equipment.
  • Managing the financials, bookkeeping, wages, budgets etc.

Who does the Spa and Recreation Director report to?

The Spa and Recreation Director will report to the Resident Manager or General Manager.

Who reports to the Spa and Recreation Director?

When it comes to the spa aspect of the job – all spa staff such as receptionists, therapists, technicians, aestheticians, fitness and retail consultants and some laundry personnel will report to this Director.  All other recreational staff, like tour guides, drivers, personal trainers, diving instructors etc., will also report to this Director.


This is one of those fields where experience is important imperative to getting the position. A good place to start is with a solid education, through a hospitality course.


  • Strong people skills to manage and motivate spa and recreation staff and deliver guest satisfaction.
  • Extremely organised and able to balance all aspects of the job.
  • Product, service, treatment and leisure activity knowledge.
  • Marketing and promotion of products and services.
  • Strong administrative skills for dealing with books, budgets and wages.

Working conditions:

While this is one of the most welcoming and fun departments in the hospitality business, it’s also high-stress and pressured – much like any other facet in the industry. On the other hand, hours shouldn’t be as long as other departments, as guests can’t spend all their time in the spa or at leisure – they have to sleep sometime!

Working in a spa and offering recreation facilities? The perks of this job speak for themselves.

Earning potential:
You’ll be earning on the same level as other managerial staff, depending on the size and nature of the establishment and could be between R10-20 000.

Job opportunities:

Wherever there’s a spa or guests looking to entertain themselves during their downtime, you’ll find a need for this job, and it could take you anywhere across the globe. Work in destination spas, bush spas, ski resorts, sports resorts, hotels, cruise ships and the like.