Settling into Malaysian life

Hotel Gal sees the world

Selamat siang (good afternoon) from Kuala Lumpur! A lot has happened since my last post; for starters, I got a job … and an apartment!

Just to give you an idea of what I do…

After settling into KL life, Kim and I both had a few interviews lined up. I scored on my third interview with a hotel close to the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) – let?s call it Hotel Bintang*. You?re ?looking? at their new Housekeeping Attendant! It?s a pretty swanky business hotel and I just have to clean the guest rooms. It?s not glamorous, but it?s pretty much the only job available which didn?t require learning Malay!

Fun times

The people here are unbelievably friendly. They have the biggest smiles and it?s impossible not to smile back when they turn on the charm – I come home with sore cheeks, for real. There are a few other foreigners in housekeeping with me – Martin from Germany, Ashley from the States, and Jess from Ireland. There?s also Sofea and Ahmad, who are locals. It?s been great having a few friendly faces to trade jokes with, and the days have just been flying by.

Our home away from home!

Kim and I now live in the PWTC area, which is super convenient for me since I can walk to work. Kim got an Assistant Kitchen Helper job in the KLCC, which is the Kuala Lumpur City Centre, so she takes public transport to work – the KTM Commuter or the Rapid KL Light Rail Transit (LRT). Luckily they?re practically on our doorstep, so she doesn?t have to travel far either.

The area we?re in has quite a young vibe – lots of students and young foreigners like ourselves, probably because the university?s nearby, so there are lots of affordable condos around here. We?ve got quite a good deal – we each rent a room (it?s a three bedroom condo) and our flatmate is a local, Chris. He?s really cool, and has been showing us around in our free time.

Putra World Trade Centre

Getting settled

What?s awesome about the condominium is that it has a shared swimming pool, a small gym, and a tiny convenience store (a bit like a tuck shop). We?re not far from the shopping mall either though, so we?re really sorted.

We were sad to say goodbye to Hotel KL* but you can only eat so many buffet breakfasts… Plus it?s nice having my own space. I?ve got my room all set up, and have been spending a lot of time in Chinatown doing some budget shopping!

The Petronas Twin Towers

I?m slowly getting the hang of finding my way around. I mostly use public transport or walk everywhere. KL?s quite a green city with lots of parks, which I hadn?t expected. In every spare moment we get, we?ve been on a sightseeing mission – MUST SEE EVERYTHING!!!

So far I?ve ticked off the Petronas Twin Towers and skybridge, the KLCC park, the Suria KLCC mall, the Petrosains Science Centre, Chinatown, Kampung Baru, the Batu Caves, and lots lots more. But that?s a story for another time…

* Not its real name