Picture Perfect Coffee

Over the years we have seen some amazing Latte Art – from ferns and hearts to animals and even rainbow coloured art – and just when you thought you had seen it all, along come selfies, logos and words!

Every morning when you visit your favourite barista for that much needed cup of coffee you smile at the foam art and think “how do they do it?” You have probably even gone as far as trying to replicate their creations.

But the future of coffee is changing. Your favourite cup of java is now a platform for daily messages such as quotes, your favourite photos or even as a means of advertising. Hotels and Hospitality are taking their “personal touch” that extra step further to enhance their customers’ experiences by adding personalised messages to include welcome messages, good mornings or even special announcements.

Coffee shops are connecting with their customers on a personal level and building customer loyalty through the sale of branded and personalised beverages. This comes with the added perk of free advertising – as there is a strong likelihood that each cup of coffee, received with awe and excitement, is photographed and posted to the customer’s favourite social media platform.

How is this done? With what TIME Magazine calls a “game changer” – a creative invention called the Ripple Maker.

The Ripple Maker has changed the world of coffee, and allows anyone from the professional barista to the guy behind the counter, who can barely prepare toast, to become the most talented of coffee foam artists – in less than 15 seconds.

Steam CC – the company behind this creative invention – tell us that this coffee machine will not only detect the size of the cup being used but that it is also Wi-Fi enabled and has its very own mobile app. The machine combines 3D printing and an ink-jet technology allowing you to create any image or text atop of foam layered beverages. The images are printed using a patented coffee extract as the “ink” called Ripple Pods.

Endorsing your brand has just became a whole lot more fun! By transforming each cup of coffee into a work of art with access to Ripples’ extensive and ever-expanding library, the mobile app and online tools – allows you a non-intrusive method to get a message across, either to an individual or as a means of corporate branding to a collective.

The uses for this are only limited to the imagination – although we haven’t seen it on their Instagram account yet – we are pretty some clever person has used it to print “Will you Marry Me” on it.

All our programmes include Barista Service as part of the course content. If you are passionate about Food and Beverage Management, Hospitality Management or Culinary Arts be sure to contact us for more information.

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