Author Nicola Feuilherade   |  October 17, 2018

For International Hotel School alumni and Executive Chef of Spier Wine Estate, Wesli Charls Jacobs, his personal motto is “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, which drives him every morning. “There will be days during the week that you feel on top of the world, the only way to survive those rollercoaster days is to persevere through the tough days and to love your craft. I love the passion within the kitchen, the enthusiasm, the adrenaline and the food. Growing chefs to achieve their goals and ambitions, while I learn from them, is what makes the tough days worthwhile,” says Wesli.

Wesli is originally from Durban, but now he lives in the Mother City. Wesli completed the Diploma in Professional Cookery and Kitchen Management at the Durban Campus. Since he graduated from the International Hotel School he has worked as a Commi at Havana Grill Suncoast, Chef De Partie at Coastlands Umhlanga and Sous Chef at Durban International Convention Centre.  During his career, Wesli has also had the privilege of working at some prestigious events in South Africa like Africa’s Travel Indaba and the World Economic Forum. However, two of Wesli’s proudest moments was when he was crowned 3rd place in Chaine De Rotissuers competition in 2015 and of course his current position as Executive Chef of Spier Wine Estate. Growing up Wesli would watch Jamie Oliver The Naked Chef cooking shows and do cooking demos at school for career days. “My father is my role model. He inspires me to work hard, provide for my family and to always be fair,” says Wesli.

                                                                      Wesli Plating His Food Like a Pro

As the year comes to an end and the matrics get ready to write their final exams. This is a crucial time in their lives as they decide on which career field to follow. Do I want to open my own restaurant one day, is food really my passion or do I want to manage a luxury hotel or lodge? Most importantly, which institution to study at that will help me reach my dream? Having studied at the International Hotel School, Wesli can certainly vouch for the school. “The International Hotel School has a willingness to always assist where possible and to strive for a high standard of discipline and commitment from their students,” says Wesli.

“To anyone that plans to pursue a career in the Hospitality Industry, make sure that you surround yourself with positive like-minded colleagues, family members and friends that support your ambitions,” concludes Wesli.

If, like Wesli, you are passionate about the hospitality and culinary industry, the International Hotel School has a programme that will suit you.  Contact us and we can help you to open the doors to your future or you can join us at our Open Days.