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The world of hospitality is global and is open for you to take advantage of when you study at the International Hotel School. Our qualifications are nationally registered and internationally recognised, they’re literally your passport to career success in the world. Take a look at Lisle Stopforth, an alumnus who’s running all over the globe using her qualification and passion to achieve.

Where are you in the world currently and your position?

At the moment, I occupy the position of a Front Office Intern at One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives. Over six months, I will gain comprehensive training and knowledge in all areas of Front Office operations. Finally, I would be capable of working in any of the subdivisions including Call Center, Front Desk, Bell Services, Yacht Hosts, and Villa Butlers. This allows me to be an operationally performing member of the department, as well as better equips me to make a more objective decision about which area I will specialize in as I further my career.

Which restaurants would you recommend to others?

Fairly picking just a few restaurants to highlight is very difficult, especially if you take into account different locations. However, in South Africa, I would have to recommend Nobu Cape Town located in the One&Only hotel. Not only is it the sole Nobu in Africa, but the food is one of a kind, with a focus on quality and consistency (make sure you try the Wagyu gyoza!). Then for overseas, a hotel restaurant that has stayed in my memory even though it has been years since I was there, is Alila Soori in Bali. The hotel’s location is spectacular and the food, along with their crockery, is stunning.

Any cool attractions or locations you’ve visited that are ‘must see’? 

Growing up I had the fortunate opportunity to visit multiple countries across four of the seven continents. Each and every place is unique in its own way, so it is hard to narrow it down to a few favourites. With that in mind, however, I would say the Top Five destinations I have travelled to outside of South Africa include Bali, Singapore, Mallorca, Maldives, and Hawaii.

Bali is rich in culture and has something to do for everyone from sightseeing, partying, water sports to shopping, yoga, and meditation. Singapore is extremely safe and clean, alive with bustling cosmopolitan energy that makes it an exciting, multicultural experience. Mallorca is saturated with history and beautiful architecture that makes it both an educationally as well as visually appealing place to visit. Finally, Maldives and Hawaii are so picturesque and tropical, what’s not to love! Not to mention, all of the aforementioned destinations are home to an abundance of delicious foods, which is a fundamental part of a good holiday.

Did you ever travel somewhere, and got a huge surprise at how beautiful it is? A little secret place, people don’t usually travel to.

Around the age of fourteen, my parents and I went to the Malaysian island of Langkawi. Not only was it a place I had never heard of at the time, but it was also such a long trip to get there. Because of this, I was very dubious about how the experience would be. However, upon arriving, the island was in fact a lush, tropical rainforest filled with majestic wildlife I had never seen before including oriental pied hornbills, monitor lizards, wild boar, colugos, and flying squirrels! It truly was a natural paradise and one of the most memorable places I have visited to date.

Another unexpectedly enjoyable place I visited was a small town in Cambodia. I was about seventeen years old at the time and I went with my parents as part of a family business trip. Once again, the journey was very long, including multiple flights and a multi-hour road trip. However, all the challenges of the journey were slowly forgotten as we stopped by local villages and finally reached our hotel, which was located along an expansive beachfront. The seclusion, simpleness, rustic atmosphere of the resort and countryside is what truly made it such an unforgettable trip.

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