IHS Cape Town Accept a Challenge and Pay It Forward

What started out as a fun but rather reckless game that went viral on YouTube called NekNomonation, has turned into an extraordinary platform that South African’s have taken to a new level. The game, originally started in Australia, started out with one man who nominated his mates to down a pint of beer within 24 hours, record it, upload it to YouTube and then nominate 2 or 3 of their friends to do the same. The game went viral with many negatives along the way.

When South African Brent Lindeque got nominated, he knew that he had to change the way the game worked…and what happened from that moment on, turned into something South Africans have run with…something that they can be super proud of – an opportunity to nominate friends to do something charitable for those less fortunate. #ChangeOneThingSA #ChangeEverything

Enter The Private Hotel School! After receiving a #NekNominationSA from them recently (thanks guys!), the IHS Cape Town Campus took up the challenge and with plenty of excitement in the air, the team got together and made it happen! Staff and students made sandwiches on Tuesday evening at home and brought them to school on Wednesday morning. The third years baked cookies to add to the sarmies and on Wednesday morning, the Cape Town campus team delivered them to  ‘The Service Dining Room’ on Canterbury Street where the homeless and needy go for a meal in the morning. This is what went down:

In the spirit of paying it forward, Cape Town Campus have nominated the IHS Durban and IHS Sandton campuses with a #NekNominationSA to pay it forward and @ChangeOneThingSA.  They have just one week to complete it. We can’t wait to see what these two campuses will come up with so check back in next week for part 2.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about #ChangeOneThingSA, visit:

https://www.facebook.com/ChangeOneThingSA on Facebook or follow this Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/NEKNominationSA