Author Nicola Feuilherade   |  July 30, 2018

Guest Services staff at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, who have an eye for what makes an Instagram worthy photo, certainly can. Yes, as though the palm trees, white sands, perfect clear blue seas, and stunning resort facilities were not enough to entice guests, the resort now has its very own “Instagram Butlers”.

We all know about hotels around the world encouraging guests to step up their selfie game.  Some resorts include selfie scavenger hunts in their list of activities and others have Elevator Selfie Stations (because we all know how prized that perfectly lit a selfie-in-a-lift is!).  The JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa even had a Selfie Package complete with a selfie stick and a guide to the best places and angles at which to take your prized selfie, and at other hotels you can hire a driver to take you around the city to take selfies of yourself at the best tourist sites.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island however understands that sometimes it is more than just the perfectly lit selfie that its guests are after.  Situated in the very beautiful Maldives, the opportunities to take stunning Instagram worthy photos are plentiful – the key is to get the perfect one.  That is where the Instagram Butlers come in.

Guest Services staff were often being asked by guests to take their photos and the hotel decided to offer the service officially.  This ingenious idea takes customer service one step further, by helping guests get the perfect instagramable photographs. These Instagram Butlers are trained to ensure that their guest’s photos are the envy of all who follow them.  Trained to help the guests find the best spot for pictures, the best time of day for the best lighting, which poses work best, add visual props and even take the photos for the guests.  All for that perfect Instagram shot.

There is also an #instatrail that has handpicked scenic spots around the resort and island for Instagram photos that will make the guest the envy of all their friends and Instagram followers.  For the more supple, guests can also take a yoga class where the resident Yogi will teach them the best poses with the ocean as the backdrop.

Sarah Helen Santini Uses Instagram Butler Service in Maldives“The entire experience isn’t about someone simply taking a photo for the guest, but rather a larger opportunity for guests to actually learn how to take both better photos and engage on social media”. – Travel + Leisure

Just when you thought you knew all the opportunities that Hospitality holds, along comes another one.  Although the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island are the first to have Instagram Butlers, many hospitality business owners are wanting to be as Instagram-friendly as possible.  We are sure that they will not be unique in this offering.

The hospitality industry is really diverse and has many opportunities in many areas of the hotel.  These opportunities change all the time with new and different opportunities which arise as trends, fashions and guests’ needs change.

So, if you have Instagram Game, who knows, you could end up including this experience in your Hospitality CV.

A special thank you to @santinisara from @prettylittlelondon  who used the Instagram Butler service at Rangali Island and allowed us to use her pictures.  Look at her profiles for stunning photos from her travels around the world.