Hotel Gal sees the world

Hi there! This is my first post from the other side of the world! All the way from South Africa, I am now officially in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and this is the first time I?ve ever stepped foot (let alone flown my whole body) across the world…

Where it all began

Last year, with the ink on my hospitality qualification still drying, I took up a position as a receptionist at the local hotel where I?d done my practical training. It was nothing special, just manning the front desk and guest relations – the best part was meeting and chatting to so many foreign travellers and hearing all their stories. One middle-aged couple just up and sold their house and decided to travel the world. My parents would never even dream of doing something so reckless!

“Selamat Datang” means “Welcome” in Malay.

Long story short, the travel bug bit HARD, and I started squirreling my paychecks off into a savings account, buying ?travel on a shoestring budget? books, and dreaming of foreign shores and new languages. My plan: save up, say adios to the parentals, and use my hospitality qualification to hopefully work my way around the world!

So after 10 months of working my behind off, I booked a one-way ticket (lie: I booked return…just in case!) and well, here I am. Of course, it wasn?t thaaat simple – there were passports and visas and what-not involved, not to mention a very tearful goodbye at the airport…but here I am in Malaysia!

I left South Africa just after lunch yesterday and literally landed at the crack of dawn this morning – 6am, have you ever?! An entire day ahead of me, and zero hours sleep under my belt. This is what happens when you fly overseas for the first time – I had a TV all to myself and lots of movies at my fingertips…

A little bit about me

I thought about using my real name, but figured since I?m going to be dishing the dirt and goss wherever I end up, it?s probably safer to use a pen name, just to keep the mystery alive of course!

I?m in my twenties and I?ve always wanted to travel. I remember reading Heidi as a kid and I so badly wanted to go to Switzerland – and now it?s on the list…my list of every place I want to see before I die. The plan at the moment is a little up in the air. I don?t exactly have a job yet, just a few interviews lined up. If that doesn?t pan out, I?m hopeful that Google and I can work some magic…

So now what?

Our home away from home!

Well, my best mate Kim decided to join me on my daring adventure, so the two of us are sharing a twin bed room in our home for the foreseeable future, *Hotel KL. It?s pretty basic but our room overlooks the city which is pretty rad – we can even see the Petronas Towers! We?ll start looking for a flat to rent, or even a backpackers that we can call home until we find somewhere more permanent to stay.

We have our first tour of the city today and I?m pretty excited. I?d love to say that I marvelled at the scenery the whole way here (it took about an hour on the hotel shuttle), but it was 6am – I was out for the count, give a girl a break.

We checked in, unpacked, and then had to skype my parents just to let them know I?m not getting tattooed or trafficked or whatever… Kim?s in the shower now so I thought I?d send off a quick post before we head out!

Once we?ve done some sightseeing and organised a trip to one of the islands, I?ll make a plan for my interviews and see what work I can get. I?m not too fussed what – anything will do!

It?s now 10am and we?re off to see the city – catch you later!

* Not its real name