Hospitality Programmes

Hospitality and tourism is one of the world’s largest, most diverse and most dynamic industries. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the hospitality and tourism employs more than 260 million people worldwide and career prospects in the industry remain strong. Year after year, hospitality and tourism is among the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Globally, there is a shortage of quality hospitality professionals. With the right qualifications, you could land yourself a fantastic job opportunity either locally or abroad. The International Hotel School Hospitality Programmes are great place to start your journey to becoming one of these quality professionals.

One of the reasons the hospitality industry is so popular is the wide range of career opportunities it offers around the world in places such as hotels and resorts, Restaurants, cruise ships, theme parks and casinos, event planning and so much more.

We have a range of Hospitality programmes to suit you:

Hospitality Management Diploma Programme

For the individual focused on a career in the Hospitality Industry, this programme has a balanced mix of Hospitality Operations as well as the Business Management knowledge and skills necessary in this dynamic and growing field.

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Professional Cookery & Kitchen Management Programme

This programme has a balanced mix of food and beverage subjects as well as business management subjects ensuring that students are grounded in both Food and Beverage Operations and Kitchen Management.

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Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management

This one-year programme provides students with the relevant theory, skills and practical experience ideal for those wishing to make their career in the field of hospitality. The programme’s equal emphasis on both academic and work integrated learning ensures that graduates are job ready.

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Higher Certificate in Food and Beverage Management

For the individual focused on a career in Food and Beverage Industry, this  programme provides a balanced mix of food and beverage subjects, with relevant theory, skills and practical experience. This is the perfect combination to ensure our graduates are firmly grounded in Food and Beverage Management

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Based on well established apprenticeship principles, a Traineeship is an alternative to full time tertiary education. Comprising work integrated learning undertaken in the workplace and theoretical study by way of distance learning through our IHS Online campus, tutorials and ancillary courses, Traineeships have proven themselves (to trainees and employers) in the quality of graduates produced and the number of successful careers launched.

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