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  • If you’re an IHS Student, you may well know who our brand ambassadors (BA’s), especially the BA’s at your campus. If you’re new on campus. You‘ll find out soon enough who they are and what they do. They’ll be the ones who welcome you, show you the ropes, mentor you and are there to talk

  • With mobile trucks popping up all over the country people are becoming spoilt for choice when it comes to gourmet and artisanal street food, but this little food truck really has all the foodies raving! IHS Alumni Vasti Lewis and Marc Anthony Vonk are the proud entrepreneurs of one of South Africa’s best Food Trucks,

  • our IHS Johannesburg  campus has a number of Open days throughout the year, where prospective students and parents are welcome to come along and get a taste of the IHS experience. It is here where our IHS Culinary students make wonderful culinary treats for all the attendees and they are extremely fortunate to get to

  • At International Hotel School we have budding young Hospitality and Tourism Management students that are incredibly passionate about the Hospitality Industry. A case in point is our IHS Durban second year Hospitality Management student, Phelelani Nyawose. Phelelani wrote this article to voice his opinion on something that is extremely close to his heart and what

  • Not many people know my real story as to how I got to do my programme at the prestigious International Hotel School, I’d say everything happened exactly how it was supposed to happen. I remember it was towards the end of March early April 2013 and I had just moved in with my aunt still

  • Marco-Pierre-White

    Our IHS Students get to work with a wide array of talented Chefs from the Hospitality Industry at the Good Food and Wine Show. From the likes of local South African Chefs like Siba Mtongana , J’Something to international Chefs Jamie Oliver, George Colambaris and Jan Hendrik. We’re immensely thrilled to announce that culinary maestro,