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  • The hospitality industry has many career and job opportunities for all types of people and personalities. Over the years we’ve looked at various job titles and their descriptions to establish out what it is that people do in hospitality. In case you need a refresher, take a look at the organisational structure of a hotel and who works where in the

  • Qualified chefs with plenty of experience are certainly in demand, and our chef graduates are reaping the benefits of their training for so many reasons. IHS offers a number of exceptional chef courses which will open doors for a rewarding culinary career. Recently awarded the City and Guilds Centre of Excellence Africa 2017 award, International

  • Places to work Hotel Holiday resort Game lodge Guest house Events company Conference centre Gaming and entertainment venue Airline/Airport Cruise ship Theme park Country club (among many others) Are you finishing matric and not sure what to study? Do you love travel and people? If so, why not consider a career in the hospitality industry

  • Sihle Xiniwe, better known as Picasso Smsbx, studied Culinary Arts at the International Hotel School  Johannesburg Campus in 2015 and certainly making his mark in the South African Culinary Industry. His love for food and cooking started when he had to cook as part of his chores at home from a young age.  Experimentation with

  • If you’re an IHS Student, you may well know who our brand ambassadors (BA’s), especially the BA’s at your campus. If you’re new on campus. You‘ll find out soon enough who they are and what they do. They’ll be the ones who welcome you, show you the ropes, mentor you and are there to talk

  • With mobile trucks popping up all over the country people are becoming spoilt for choice when it comes to gourmet and artisanal street food, but this little food truck really has all the foodies raving! IHS Alumni Vasti Lewis and Marc Anthony Vonk are the proud entrepreneurs of one of South Africa’s best Food Trucks,