Author Nicola Feuilherade   |  July 9, 2018

Alumni Student Nosihle Langa

Alumni Student Nosihle Langa

With a passion for hospitality, tantalizing her taste buds with new foods and learning new cultures, 22yr old Nosihle Langa, a Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management programme graduate from our Durban Campus, has returned from her travels abroad to give us the inside scoop about her life at the Mission Point Resort in Michigan and The Ritz-Carlton, Naples Hotel in Florida – both in the USA

We took the opportunity to catch up with Nosihle to find out about her adventures. During the interview, Nosihle shares her top travel tips, her future hopes and dreams. Nosihle recently followed in the footsteps of South African stars Minnie Dlamini Jones and AKA by surprising her parents with a brand new Quantum.

Q: Please give us a brief summary of your education history and working career?

A: I was often selected by my Hospitality Studies teacher to represent Rossburgh High School at a number of highly acclaimed shows that took place in Durban (the warmest place to be). In addition to that the Department of Basic Education would often attend these events, so I knew that I would have to bring my “A” game with me! My Hospitality Studies teacher played a huge role in my life I admired her determination, generosity and enthusiasm. She taught us to never allow negativity to get us down or in the way of our dreams. Once I had matriculated from Rossburgh High School, I then proceeded to The International Hotel School to study for my Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management programme to make my dreams come true because I knew that Hospitality was my calling.

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Q: What did your normal workday look like at the Mission Point Resort and also at the Ritz Carlton, Naples Hotel?

A: At Mission Point Resort I was lucky enough to work in a number of different positions (Reservationist, Guest Activities and Hosting). The Mission Point Resort is nestled on the shores of Mackinac Island, which has a breathtaking view. The staff and tourists were very friendly and welcoming. Although they say that home is where the heart is I tend to disagree because I truly felt at home here. It was interesting to see that their mode of transport are bicycles and horses unlike South Africa and the USA.

Stepping into The Ritz Carlton, Naples Hotel is like stepping into a whole new world. The hotel has stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico. If you’re a keen golfer then you’re in luck, they have access to Tiburón Golf Club. The hotel itself is huge and prides itself in giving top end 5 star service, so the experience you get working at this hotel is something you will use for all your years in the industry. At the Hotel I worked in Food and Beverage and I was treated with kindness, love and respect by everyone at the hotel. I felt like a member of the family.

Q: What do you think sets the International Hotel School apart from other educational institutions?

Nosihle Langa makes waves overseas 4 | IHSA: The International Hotel School is a phenomenal institute. IHS provides you with wonderful opportunities, one of them is the fact that you get to serve your Work Integrated Learning practicals in some of the country’s highly regarded hotels in South Africa. I also enjoyed seeing the school actively giving back to the community. If you know what you want to achieve in life IHS will definitely assist you in opening those doors and helping you to unleash your full potential!

Q: Do you have any personal or career achievements that you are proud of?

A: I was often selected as the class captain at school, a youth leader at church and I also participated in a number of school events, which resulted in me winning some awards.

Q: What are your top four travel must-haves? For example, a power bank, a great pair of shades, a notebook etc.

A: Definitely my notebook in case I need to take notes and write down some important details. My phone, bible and Rosary.

Q: What is on your bucket list for 2018?

A: At the moment I am focussing on trying to go back to the States, so that I can gain more experience, knowledge and broaden my skills. I would like to start my own business in the year 2022.

Q: What was your favourite spot (breakfast spot, lunch spot or dinner spot) in Michigan and Florida?

A: The Bistro in Michigan, of course. My favourite spot in Florida was Gumbo Limbo, the cuisine was exquisite and the staff presented themselves in a professional manner. One of the unique features of Gumbo Limbo is that they always ring the bell at sunset, this is a destination you don’t want to miss!

Q: You’re happiest when….

A: I get to see someone that I have helped succeed and achieve their dreams. My end goal would be to see everyone being ambitious and striving to live a better life. That’s the reason why I never miss an opportunity to help others and to also ask for guidance.

Q: How did the International Hotel School prepare you for your role at the resorts and working abroad?

A: The knowledge that IHS equips you with and the Work Integrated Learning practicals get you fully prepared for the industry, so that you are one step ahead of a pupil that is fresh out of varsity. By the time you graduate you already have some industry experience under your belt. In addition to that you have also already started building your CV and list of references. Thanks to IHS and the lecturers I was often complimented for my outstanding work in America. I was even awarded with a 5 star service note.

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Q: Who is your role model and why?

A: I am my own role model and I often describe myself as a “knock out feminine divine energy”. I walk with my head held high and I constantly strive to inspire myself daily, because life is about learning and improving yourself.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: I want to build an empire for myself and possibly open up a Lounge, so that I will be able to provide those that are in need with stable jobs. In addition to that I would like to start giving back to the surrounding community, and hopefully I will be in a position to give deserving students bursaries.

If, like Nosihle, you are passionate about the hospitality industry and want to work in hotels or become a chef, International Hotel School has a course that will suit you. Contact us and we can help you to open those doors and reach your potential too.