Wayne Coetzer

General Manager, The Oyster Box

Anyone who knows anything about Hospitality will know that it’s all about the staff! The staffs are what make or break your business.

It is crucial that the initial foundations of hospitality are soundly installed. IHS is a guarantee; students from this esteemed college come with a work ethos and good understanding of Hospitality. Students from the IHS stand out from the rest, and it is certainly our preferred “partner” when it comes to students.

Clifford Ross

CEO of the City Lodge Hotel Group

International Hotel School (IHS) in Johannesburg plays a valuable role in producing talented and well-trained individuals for the hospitality industry through its various programmes. Apart from being recognised both domestically and internationally as an accredited centre for theoretical education and training, it also complements this with strong practical experience in the workplace. Importantly, in an industry where quality and attention to detail is vital, the school liaises regularly with industry players to ensure that it is maintaining “best practice” standards across its activities. It is a meaningful contributor to the future of South Africa’s hospitality industry.

Johan Scheepers

General Manager, The Maslow

The Maslow Hotel is proud to be in partnership with International Hotel School as our preferred educational partner in South Africa.

The relevance of the courses offered combined with the professionalism of their faculty makes
it easy to introduce students into our business without any disruptions. Sun International takes employee development very seriously and have embarked on a number of initiatives with the International Hotel School to also further the development of our existing employees with
great success. I recently visited the new campus in Johannesburg and was impressed with the quality of the learning and training facilities instilling further confidence in the IHS brand
as our industry partner.”

Brendan Charlton

Awesome Travel

We have worked with the International Hotel School for more than 10 years and they have always provided our partner hotels overseas with high calibre hospitality and culinary students in the five countries to which we send students and recent graduates. They are driven, hardworking and come with a good grounding within the Hospitality industry and enrich and diversify the staffing complement of our partner hotels. The interns return as more well-rounded hospitality professionals who firstly raise the standards of the South African Hospitality industry and secondly, are able to empower themselves and get decent jobs as they have international experience behind their name.

Mankwe Game Trackers, Sun City

As the largest outdoor adventure, tour and transfer company in the North West Province, we know how important customer service is. We rely on activities and adventures that are customer-focused, ensuring each guest leaves with a memorable experience. International Hotel School has been instrumental in helping us achieve this through their training programme, “Guest Services Gold”. We have found the IHS training facilitators to be incredibly helpful and passionate about exceptional customer service. We look forward to adding a variety of IHS training courses to our business in the near future. Thank you IHS for your insights and passionate approach to customer service.

Samantha Hurley

Gourmet Recruitment International

As dedicated Manning Agents for the world’s premier Cruise Vessel Liners, Gourmet Recruitment International (GRI) is committed to recruiting and placing skilled students on-board cruise liners globally. Cruise ship careers offer young, qualified graduates a chance to visit different countries and places of interest whilst learning the ropes of customer service on-board a five star luxury floating hotel. GRI have been involved with International Hotel School for over 15 years through the successful placement of their graduates and alumni on-board some of the most outstanding cruise liners on the ocean today. We recruit IHS graduates and students because their training and skills are of the highest calibre, making them a pleasure to work with.

Paddy Brearley

Managing Director, Legacy Hotels & Resorts

At Legacy Hotels & Resorts, we offer a portfolio of superior four and five star hotels, bush lodges and resorts throughout some of South Africa’s most sought after locations. Through our partnership with International Hotel School, we have been privileged to train and mentor a number of their talented and passionate students over the past years. We commend the integrity and exceptional standards of training and skills development that International Hotel School imparts to their students throughout their studies. Both IHS and the students who carry out their practical training with us, are a pleasure to work with.