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A Hospitality Management Durban student, Henco Rheeder is a true reflection of our IHS brand, an energetic 20 year old with an immense passion for the hospitality industry. It is so important that we have students like Henco that are able to carry themselves and the brand in a positive light, this leaves a little less for us to do marketing wise! So read a bit about our Brand Ambassador, and why we think he is definitely going to be an up and coming rising star in the South African Hospitality Industry…

Where do you live?

4 Glendower Cresent Kwambonambi, it is past Richards Bay on your way to Mtubatuba.

How old are you?

I’m 20 this year.

What are you studying and what year are you in?

Hospitality Management with the AHLEI added onto it. I’m currently in my second year.

How long will you hold the title as brand ambassador?

I would like to hold it for the duration of my studies which is 2 years.

Your profile (tell us about yourself) - where did you go to school, hobbies, interests, achievements.

I went to a boarding school in Vryheid called Pionier High School. I like to sing and attend competitions nationwide and I like to swim in competitions and I also do triathlons. I like to google different techniques on how to plate food and to keep up with the current trends in the world. I love to research functions and to read the purpose behind it. I also like to scuba dive and have my licence for it. Every week I watch Hotel Impossible which inspires me to work harder in my studies.

When and where did your passion for hospitality begin?

It started at 14, when I first watched Hotel Impossible which is a series about hotels that are run down and then Anthony Melchiorri comes and renovate the hotel and help the owners to improve their hospitality techniques and gives them guidelines.

Why did you choose to study at IHS?

I first heard about IHS from one of my sisters friends who went to the Cape Town campus and I spoke to hear about IHS and I instantly knew that is where I need to be studying. I also did some research and found that IHS are internationally known and the high rates of employment which definitely convinced my parents.

What do you love most about IHS?

I love that our work is separated into practical’s and theory which helps the students to remember the work easier and also gives is the ability to narrow down in which department we want to continue when we done studying.

What does being a brand ambassador mean to you?

Brand Ambassador means for me to be a representative of the school in any way possible and to help make the work load for others bearable. Brand Ambassador also needs to be very interactive with their campus and the head office. They also need to understand what HIS vision is and to help them reach it.

How were you chosen at brand ambassador?

I heard about being a brand ambassador from campus and then saw one of my friends become one, so I was interested and applied through an email.

When were you officially appointed as brand ambassador?

30 January I received the contract that I had to sign.

Where do you see yourself in 2, 5, and 10 years' time?

Working oversees for a successful hotel where I can achieve my goal of General Manager one day. Also be known as very successful person in my career.

Has working in the hospitality industry been different from how you imagined?

Not at all it actually made me even more interested in the career.

Any advice for young people considering hospitality?

Hospitality includes a wide range of job opportunities and does limit you to one. Hospitality teaches you self-discipline and help you to know the person you’re supposed to be. It’s a fun yet challenging path to choose but once you fall in love with it you will make a success out of it

What is your motto in life?

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better”- Maya Angelou

What has been your most memorable moment working in the hospitality industry?

Being able to work for very successful and well-known hotels and then get complimented by the    General Manager.

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At the International Hotel School, selecting a Brand Ambassador is a crucial task for us as we believe that this person will have to emulate all our core beliefs and hold the brand up to the highest degree. If you are an IHS alumni, or current student and are thinking that you have the qualities it will take to represent IHS, contact us on info@hotelschool.co.za for more information.


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