Hotel School | 01 December 2016

Have you considered a career in the hospitality and culinary industry? Perhaps you should! Our Cape Town campus has so much on offer for our students, be it our academic programmes, student life  and work experience opportunities. Read further about what took place in the last few months on our Cape Town campus.

Capetown Hospitality studnents practicing first aid

The Cape Legends Inter Hotel Challenge took place at our campus on 14 and 15 June 2016. Cape Town’s top hotels each selected an up and coming young Chef and Wine Steward who were then mentored by the Executive Chef before representing the hotel in the competition. Our culinary students had an opportunity to support the candidates in the competition and to meet the judges and senior Chefs who were on campus to support their teams. The exposure to a high level competition was very valuable to our student and we believe that competitions like this build us to be better chefs in the future.

Once again, we, IHS were invited to send a team of three to the One and Only Reaching for Young Stars culinary competition. Nicholas Oliphant and Rossouw Koen were our Chef candidates and Benjamin Meggit was our Wine Steward. The Chefs were required to create a three course meal, which was then paired with wines selected from the range made available by Linton Park wines. The wine was then served by our wine steward who was required to explain the characteristics of each wine, and why it had been chosen for the specific dish.

The preparation for the competition was an amazing journey for the students involved. This involved a month of trial and error, menu refinement and feedback.

Last year Micaela Newton, a second year student from our campus represented South Africa in the Restaurant Service category of the World Skills International competition in Brazil. With such big shoes to fill, we started early in the year identifying candidates to enter this competition.

Nicholas Oliphant progressed through the regional culinary elimination round, and will go forward to the provincial competition later this year. Lee­Anne Smith progressed through the Restaurant Service elimination round. We are proud of both students and wish them all the best in the next rounds.

Chef student awards

Our students were out and about visiting various places like the Linton Park Vineyards where they got to tour the facilities and meet the Winemaker. This was a great experience for aspiring Sommeliers on the campus. Our students also got to visit South African Breweries in Newlands. An obvious highlight for our students was the beer tasting at the end of the tour.

We also hosted various functions on campus where our students got the opportunity to work at these functions. For the Lakeland Product Launch, our Patisserie students had to prepare a range of desserts toppings which were professionally styled and photographed.  This was great exposure for our students to a different part of the culinary industry. A group of our culinary students also got the opportunity to work with Jason Whitehead, where they assisted with the launch of his new book "Tasty Wastenots" written in conjunction with Sally Creed.  Students helped prepare and serve during the function which had a very strong theme of sustainability.

Our first year Certificate in Hospitality Management students hosted a cocktail exhibition on the 8 September 2016. The students were allocated into groups and given a theme based on selected countries. The countries that were chosen were Spain, Brazil, United States, Thailand, Cuba, Mexico, Japan, Mozambique, New Zealand, South Africa and Germany. Students were required to make a classic, non-classic cocktail and mocktails from their chosen country. Students prepared three cocktails and this was served to guests. Attention to detail was very important from glassware that was chosen to garnishing the cocktails. The students did an amazing job. A lot of planning went into this event from designing their own electronic invitations to even decorating their stand according to the country that was selected. A big thanks to Saima Ebrahim who organised this event.

In celebration of Heritage Day, the SRC held a braai day on campus where students received a boerie roll and a cool drink courtesy of the SRC.  The braai day theme was extended to our Open Day, where the culinary arts students prepared a variety of gourmet snacks using braai day as the theme. 

International Hospitality students in Capetown

Work towards a career in a holiday world

If you’re interested in hospitality or culinary, now is the time! These industries have many entry-level jobs, and you can thereby climb the ladder from being anything from a desk clerk to eventually a hotel manager or from a commi chef to an executive chef. So start your hospitality journey with the correct qualification from one of South Africa’s leading hospitality schools. For more information contact us on



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