Why choose Hospitality?

Success in HospitalityFor those starting to grow their careers in the hospitality industry as departmental supervisors or managers, getting ahead and getting management to notice you can sometimes be frustrating, especially when you’re looking for promotion or mentorship. There are no secrets to management success, only clearly defined and workable strategies that take ordinary and turn it into extraordinary…something we call leadership. These 5 strategies for hospitality success couldn’t be simpler:

Lead by example

It’s such an obvious strategy that is easily overlooked when managers are bogged down with bureaucracy. Successful hoteliers are those who are not afraid to get involved, get their hands dirty, muck-in, work the overtime when needed, and go the extra mile. Be a good example to your fellow staff members, company suppliers and also to your guests in the way you conduct yourself. Don’t be afraid of criticism, which is another excellent way to learn from mistakes, improve, grow and lead through change. Listen to what staff are saying, listen to what your guests are complaining about and make changes by leading the change process, instead of arguing about it or worse, denying it exists.

Communication 101

Communication is key to any long lasting and effective relationship. How you communicate with your team can make all the difference in how you achieve your goals and vision for your department. If you’re clear in your communication, there can be no error in how your team support this vision. It’s a basic skill that should be improved over time, through constant training and interaction with guests and staff. Never stop learning ways to communicate effectively.


Keep your finger on the pulse of new trends and changes. This applies not only to forecasting correctly (for accurate budgeting and financials in your department) but more broadly, it also helps to determine market changes, supply and demand changes, new markets, new technologies, new innovations and so on. Stay up to date by networking, reading and researching every single day.

Be a team player

Nobody likes the person who shows off and is happy to tread on everyone else’s success in order to gain the spotlight. Collaborate with your team by asking them for their input on projects, problems and projections. Involve them in the decision-making processes and share your knowledge with them. People grow when they are empowered – empowered to make mistakes, ask questions, try new things. If you don’t let this happen, your team won’t improve. When your team do have improved skills and knowledge, everyone benefits.

Be a team player in the hotel industry

Professionalism will set you apart

By acting in the interests of the hotel, its employees, its board, directors, guests and more, you showcase your professionalism, and this is vital to your success and the business’s success. It’s easy to get swayed, drop standards and accept less than the best from staff when you’re tired, stressed out or overwhelmed. Employees may make it difficult sometimes to be professional – but remain loyal to the vision, mission and values of the hotel department that you represent, and you will reap the benefits.

We trust these 5 smart strategies will be a reference or guide in your hospitality journey. Do chat to us if you have any questions, or if you would like to know more about our Online Campus courses or Full-Time programmes. Ring 0861 44 33 00 or email info@hotelschool.co.za


(Source information adapted from: http://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140521110630-95733662-15-habits-of-an-awesome-general-manager and images via www.shutterstock.com)