A Cupcake ATM at your service – what next?

Hotel School | 17 April 2014

Who doesn’t love a cupcake, right?

This past month saw the launch of the very first Cupcake ATM in none other than New York City. According to DNAinfo, The Sprinkles Bakery Cupcake ATM opened on Lexington Avenue much to the delight of eager New Yorkers and ardent Cupcake fans.  Approach, select, swipe, receive, enjoy!

How does it work?

With over 760 cupcakes held at a time and baked goods sold and replaced every several hours, customers don’t have to queue up in bakeries any longer for fresh baked goods – they can simply access their sweet cravings from what is essentially a vending machine, pay with their credit card and walk off with the treats to enjoy en route to work or wherever they may be travelling to.

Take a look:


The end result:

A simple and easy way to purchase some of your favourite cupcake or pastry craving – flavours include chocolate, lemon meringue, marshmallow, chai latte and more, packaged and ready to collect in a few seconds.

To the foodie entrepreneur:

Such a wonderful new way to enjoy cupcakes has taken a very long time to materialise – but it’s here now. For our Culinary and Professional Cookery and Kitchen Management Diploma Students or entrepreneur students who are reading this, here are some key points we think you may find useful:

  1. Access to your product is vital – whilst there are many ways to do this, this concept is very clever and more importantly, well received by customers
  2.  Payment is seamless. Another plus.
  3. ATMs/vending machines are not unique – as long as you are servicing your stock rotation consistently and ensuring fresh goods are available to the customer at all times, you can virtually stock a variety of home-made treats, both sweet and savoury.
  4. Think outside the box – mobile vending machines or Food Trucks could be used at sporting events, shows, parks and more...just check out licensing issues

We’d love to know your thoughts on whether South African’s would enjoy this type of food service delivery for fresh goods and what sorts of items you would sto

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