I’m in Matric and interested in hospitality – where to now?

serenaseunaria | 19 March 2014

Congratulations on choosing an industry to pursue that’s hip and happening – you won’t be disappointed! Whether it’s a career in the culinary world, hospitality operations or something completely bespoke you’re after, The International Hotel School has a variety of programmes to suit your needs.  Course duration, fees and qualifications vary, so let’s take a look:

What courses can I choose from?

Fees can be a challenge – can I pay off my fees?

Yes you can. There is an initial deposit payment due when you are accepted (ranging from R2500 to R5000 depending on which course you are doing). Then you can choose from three “Payment Elections” Option 1: Early payment – 5% discount; Option 2: Full Payment by registration day – 2.5% discount and Option 3: Instalment payments – Interest Free.

What if I don’t get my Matric at the end of this year?

Any applicant must meet The International Hotel School’s requirements for the particular instructional programme. All 3 year Management Diploma Programmes require a minimum of a National Senior Certificate with a Diploma Entry pass in order to enrol, subject to The International Hotel School admission and selection criteria. We do however have other programmes on offer that require a lesser Grade than a National Senior Certificate or equivalent, such as Hotel Operations, our Culinary programmes and one and two year Traineeships.

So why would I choose IHS?

  1. We are the largest private hospitality training and education provider in South Africa.
  2.  Our graduates are recognised around the world for their dedication to exceptional service in the hospitality industry.  Many hotel groups, cruise liners and theme parks from around the world come to recruit our students.
  3. Our focus is on practical as well as theoretical training, with emphasis on traditional values of service and hospitality.  Students are placed in their properties by IHS, so you don’t have to find your own placement.
  4. We have Hotel School campuses in SandtonDurban and Cape Town an exclusive Culinary Campus in Plettenberg Bay, and an Online Campus – IHS Online. Please hyperlink this to IHS Online

How do I apply?

Simple! Follow this link and let us open the doors to your international hospitality career! http://www.hotelschool.co.za/apply/


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Joda Angelina
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 2016-04-21T11:17:7200

I am a french student from La Réunion(near Madagascar) I would study hospitality management in South Africa.
What can i do to realise my dream?

kgotsofatso bridgette maimane
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 2015-01-30T16:26:7200

Hy I would to study at ihs .I passed my matric last year I wanna study for hospitality.so pls help me to reach my goals thank u...pls contact me if im not late

International Hotel School
Submitted by hotelschool on 2015-02-09T8:42:7200

Hi Kgotsofatso that's great news and your not too late :) Please click on the link, complete the form and a consultant will contact you http://www.hotelschool.co.za/g/ihsHospitalityFulltime/index.php

Along the same lines...