If you have been accepted to study at IHS, we’re going to celebrate! But before we do, you’ll receive an acceptance letter and a request to pay your deposit to secure your place. Once this is done, you’ll receive your contracts and payment options forms which need to be signed by all relevant parties. (Our documents explain everything in detail, don’t worry!)

Registration Day is hugely exciting and you are invited to bring all your documents with you and enjoy the festivities. You’ll also get a chance to fit for your chefs uniform - we highly recommend a selfie or two at this stage.

We have a number of payment options available and financial aid options through 3rd parties.  If you are paying off your fees, a debit order needs to be signed for this and handed in with your contract. Click here for a link to our fees and payment options for each programme.

We’ll be on hand at Registration Day to assist you with payment option plans, course queries and anything else you may need. We can’t wait to meet you!