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Gourmet food trucks – are they the next big thing?

Gourmet food trucks have taken America by storm and they are now becoming a regular contributor on the food scene in South Africa (particularly in Joburg and Cape Town). Essentially they are a mobile eatery that can serve delicious coffees and confectionaries to the trendy in various locations and at various times of the day.

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Is there a place for tablets in hotel rooms?

One of the latest trends to make headlines is the 24-karat goldiPad you will receive upon check-in at the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

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Key Cards: New ways to look at their functionality

According to, guests who check in at the Aloft Hotel in Manhattan will be able to ditch their traditional room key for a smartphone check in option. The days of losing your room key could be a thing of the past and entering your room could be as simple as scanning your smartphone against the doors lock…and voila, the door opens.

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The lost art of table manners

Whether it’s a relaxed sit-down meal for family, or a formal wedding reception dinner, the basics of table manners should be the same. Not sticking to the rules of table etiquette is considered to be disrespectful to everyone at the table…

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What the 2014 World Cup means for hospitality in Brazil

The 2014 World Cup is a year away and the hospitality industry in Brazil is currently preparing for the arrival of some 600,000 football fans! To accommodate these fans, FIFA has said that at least 55,000 hotel rooms need to be available over the 45 days of the World Cup.

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Culinary School Restaurants on the Rise

Not everyone is aware of the treasures that are culinary school restaurants – comparable in service and food quality to regular high-end restaurants, the difference is in the price at these affordable dining establishments!

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Who is a Spa and Recreation Director?

The hospitality industry is one of the most exciting places to consider for your career path as there is so much choice and variety in job opportunities.

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Who is the assistant banquet manager?

The hospitality industry has many, many different career and job opportunities. We’ve spent the last while exploring a whole bunch of job descriptions, such as what it takes to be an Assistant Banquet Manager…

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Profile of a celebrity chef: Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal is an English celebrity chef. He owns The Fat Duck, a restaurant in Berkshire that has three Michelin stars. Voted Best Restaurant in the UK, it’s received a perfect score of 10/10 every year since 2007 by The Good Food Guide!

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