Chef jackets that are functional and fun!

Well, probably just the fact that it’s functional, right? Or do you appreciate the shape, style, size, colour and fit? One thing’s for sure, chef’s uniforms are universally recognised. But would it be wrong to ‘jazz’ it up a little for the sake of fashion? Before you answer that, take a look at this cool idea!

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A Cupcake ATM at your service – what next?

This past month saw the launch of the very first Cupcake ATM in none other than New York City. According to DNAinfo, The Sprinkles Bakery Cupcake ATM opened on Lexington Avenue much to the delight of eager New Yorkers and ardent Cupcake fans. Approach, select, swipe, receive, enjoy!

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Luxury Hostels…so much cooler than you think!

Well, it’s making a comeback! But, it’s not at all grungy. In fact, luxury hostels are now designer driven contemporary accommodation offerings that have become so stylish and popular; bookings for some hostel brands are said to be up by 600%. But would you make use of a luxury hostel?

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High profile culinary competition a success!

The annual Chaîne des Rôttisseures Regional Jeunes Chef Rôtisseures competition was recently held at The International Hotel School Durban Campus in Westville which saw a number of top profile chef personalities from around the province, including Chef Warren Frantz from uShaka Marine World’s Cargo Hold, Craig Elliot from Unilever Solutions, Warren Johansson from The Palace, Alexander Poltera from Fern Hill, Tony Kocke from Beverly Hills Hotel, Nardia Adams from Hungry Buddah, Larry Lynch from Heritage Theatre and more, coming together to judge ten contestants on their dishes.

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From Ferrari to Disney….Theme Parks are one of the hospitality industry’s hottest topics!

Theme Parks have come a long way from their early days when you could only experience occasional tiny teacups and Ferris wheels.Nowadays, they have morphed into city sized venues that have the longest, highest and fastest rides and have added to the hospitality industries appeal.

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Tasting menus – a great way to show off your culinary skills!

If you’re a chef or Culinary Arts student keen to come up with an impressive way to serve your tasty delights at your dining establishment Tasting menus – a great way to show off your culinary skills!one day, perhaps this article will inspire you. Often, as an aspiring chef you want to recommend dishes to your guests and do so by promoting them as ‘specials’…but not everyone tries those tempting ‘specials’.

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Gourmet food trucks – are they the next big thing?

Gourmet food trucks have taken America by storm and they are now becoming a regular contributor on the food scene in South Africa (particularly in Joburg and Cape Town). Essentially they are a mobile eatery that can serve delicious coffees and confectionaries to the trendy in various locations and at various times of the day.

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Is there a place for tablets in hotel rooms?

One of the latest trends to make headlines is the 24-karat goldiPad you will receive upon check-in at the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

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Key Cards: New ways to look at their functionality

According to, guests who check in at the Aloft Hotel in Manhattan will be able to ditch their traditional room key for a smartphone check in option. The days of losing your room key could be a thing of the past and entering your room could be as simple as scanning your smartphone against the doors lock…and voila, the door opens.

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